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What Makes Us Unique

Artisan Crafted

Everything we make here at Spectral Spirits, from the perfume accessories to the bath products, is lovingly made by hand. Every perfume blend is formulated in house. From there each fragrance is used in products that are never made from pre-made bases. Even our perfume accessories are lovingly sculpted and painted by hand.

Quality Ingredients

At Spectral Spirits, our love of fragrance inspires who we are and what we do. It motivates us every single day. We work with the finest of ingredients so our products shine through on you.

Vegan and Cruelty Free

Spectral Spirits is entirely vegan and cruelty free. Any of our perfumes or products that have animalic notes are entirely synthetic. As well animal free ingredients, we strive to make sure our ingredients are sourced from ethical and cruelty free suppliers.